Civil Engineering Services

General Buildings and Maintenance

All types of repair/maintenance of civil engineering works. Construction related civil engineering works
Including allied electrical and mechanical works. Asphalt Road, P.C.C streets, pavements including

Sewerage Works, Water Supply

Sewerage pipelines, disposal works, sewerage treatment works and allied works.
Installation, maintenance and repair of water supply pipelines, pumping stations, tube wells, water
treatment works etc.

General Civil Engineering Works

General civil engineering works, including earthworks, sub-soil drainage, etc.
Reclamation Works and Waterproofng
Reclamation works. Water proofng of basement, roofs and walls.

Concrete Repairs
Reinforcement of structures by way of pressure grouting, guniting, etc.

Soil Investigation and Stabilization

Services include sampling, investigation and testing services to determine soil classications,
strength and composition. Also includes soil stabilization works such as micro piling, ground anchoring,
sand drains and ground grouting.

Landscaping & Horticulture

Provision of Landscaping services including tree planting, turng, horticulture etc.

Prefabricated Buildings and Steel Framed Buildings and Industrial Plants

Construction of buildings and industrial plants using prefabricated components and systems.
Construction of steel framed buildings and industrial plants.
Airports Terminal buildings, Satellite buildings, cargo terminals, air traffic control towers,
contact piers, passenger loading bridges.

Restoration and Conservation

Building restoration and conservation.

High Rise Buildings

Construction of High Raise Buildings including allied electrical and mechanical works.

Road and Pavements ,Drainage & Retaining Structure, Sign craft Installation

Construction of road and road reinstatement, pavement, bus bays, open car parks and related works
such as kerbs, footways. Installation of an integrated sign posting system for complexes, airports,
shopping centers, etc. Also includes setting up of exhibition stands and road signs. Airports Taxiways,
runways, aprons, aircraft parking bays, baggage handling system, track transit system, etc.

Bridge Structures, Piling

Construction of concrete, masonry, timber or steel bridges.
Installation of all types of piling sheet piles, driven precast reinforced and prestressed concrete
piles, bored cast in situ piles and timber piles etc.


Geotechnical Investigations
Geological Hazard
Data Analysis
Geological Mattering
Water Pressure Test

Construction / Operation

Excavation, Compaction, Leveling, Blinding Concrete, Farms work, Steel Reinforcement, Concrete Curing, Concrete and concrete test
Backlling and soil test, Tiles and Gypsum Works, Interior Design & Implementation, Facade Works, Plaster & Other Finishes
Maintenance & Rectification

Survey & GIS

Ground Survey
Hydraulic Survey
Sattelite Imaging Processing & Procurement
Digitization & Vectorization
Data Collection Using GPS & DGPS
Alignment Survey
Control Survey
Data Management