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Electrical Engineering Services

Sound System

Public address system, audiovisual system, conference system, intercom system and MAT.

Security, Safety Surveillance System

Installation and maintenance of security, safety and surveillance systems (security, alarm, car park
security control and card access control systems. CCTV, sensor/detection system, vibration monitoring
system, gas protection system, platform alarm system, aircraft warning system, re protection
system and earthing and lighting protection.

Building Automation System and Energy

Generation System
Building Automation, industrial and process control system, included installation and maintenance
of microprocessors or computer based building control systems and industrial process
control systems, includes installation and maintenance of energy generation system.

Low Voltage Installation

General wiring and control system wiring works not exceeding 1 KV. Installation and maintenance
of low tension overhead lines and underground cabling not exceeding 1KV. Also includes installation
and maintenance of generating plant and equipment not exceeding 1 KV.

High Voltage Installation

Installation and maintenance of high voltage equipment and underground cabling, high-tension overhead
line including transmission tower exceeding 1kV. Also includes installation and maintenance of
generator plant and equipment exceeding 1KV.

Specialized Lighting System

Installation and maintenance of street lighting, stadium oodlighting, trafc lighting, aireld lighting,
high mast lighting installation, laser system, stage lighting, special effect lighting, navigational aid,
underwater lighting, platform lighting, petrochemical plant lighting, oil renery plant lighting, etc.

Telecommunication Installation

Telephone cabling and internal ducting, radio based communication system, PABX, microwave system,
multiplex and signaling troposcatter system, satellite system, radar surveillance system, data
communication equipment, remote subscriber system, vessels and navigational specialized system, etc.

External Telecommunication Works

Telecommunication cabling (underground/ overhead), manholes, underground ducting/pipes.

Miscellaneous Specialized

Installation, commissioning and maintenance of:
– Surgical/operating theater table and lights,
– Radiography equipment, radiotherapy equipment,
– Nurse call system,
– Electronic scoreboard,
– Uninterruptible Power supply (UPS) system, etc.